Thursday, March 31, 2011

Its Giveaway Time AGAIN!

Ok Y'all This post is another Giveaway im doing PLUS tellin y'all about a cool giveaway

Ok, for my giveaway!

I have reached 100 followers! I am SUPER excited about this! Y'all are amazing! When I first started blogging I never ever dreamed I would be doing all this, or meeting amazing bloggy friends (yes, im working on meeting one here soon!) and I never thought I would have this many people interested in my life!

So, I wanted something cool for my 100 follower giveaway, and I found it!
My friend Megahn makes some cool stuff and she does not have an Etsy store Sadly :( So I thought it would be fun to show off her stuff!
Here are a few things she makes!

Arnt these Valentines day cards cute??
And I am in Love with these tags. You could use them for so many things!

So, here is what she has donated to giveaway!

This amazing Package!
This cool deal includes:
3 handmade note cards with there envelopes
1 christmas gift tag set, 4 pieces
1 Cupcake Favor/Gift tag set, 6 pieces
1 "For You" gift tag set, 5 pieces

Ok, so here is how you can win!

MANDITORY: Be a follower of my blog Dance and Dream 4 Ever

Extra Entrys:
1. Blog about the giveaway = 5
2. Follow me on twitter @JoannaNoel = 2
3. Like my fan page HERE = 2
4. Tell me what homeaid stuff you love to make = 1

Please leave a comment for EACH thing you do! Also leave a way for me to make sure you did what your getting your entrys for!
This giveaway will go till April 7th , That ONE week!


Ok, know on to another cool giveaway I found!

I have always been a fan of my blog looking cute, and have not had a TON of money to spend getting it done. So I would get the free stuff and try my hand at it, ya, did not work well, the one day I cam across this amazing site:

And I was in love! Jenn has done my blog twice and I totally love what she does! I will NEVER go anywere else! I hardly ever can stand to have my blog stay the same for more then a month. But with her stuff, I love it for a very long time :)

So, she just did a revamp of her site! And it looks MAJOR cute. So, in honor of the redo she is giving away a Elite Blog Design!
So, I really want to win it so DONT go enter! HAHA! Just kidding! Y'all should check out her site, she truelly is amazing at what she does!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Im Addicted!

Yes, I am adicted to these things!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dream Rooms!

Its been a long time since I have linked up but today I am going to! So its time for:

And this week the topic is:

Top 2 Dream Rooms!

I could not for the life of me pick 2 so I went with 3!

This is my dream living room! So cozy!
My dream kitchen, yes, vintage! Actually, I really want a white and blue kicthen but this one looked cool too! :)

And I LOVE this bedroom! This would be the way I want my room now, like now wile im single!

Well, Thats all for now! Maybe another post tomorrow since I got this one up late today!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Writer Workshop: Inspired By Photo Journal

Mama's Losin' It

I was excited about this weeks Writers Workshop! I LOVE photo's and when I read this promt I just HAD to do it!
I do want to warn right up front, as I have told people in the past I am a Christian and Jesus is my Savior, I an not afriad to talk about Him and if you dont like that I am very sorry. I do have some Christian things in this blog post. So if that offends you please do not read any farther!

The promt I picked this week is:

5.) I’m inspired by… (A photo journal entry)

I have used this photo before...But I just love it! I wish I was the one that took the photo!

Sigh, I wish my Bible looked like this! And this photo inspires me to really dig into this amazing book!


This is just too cute!
Yummyness :)

So True!

Remember this dear friends! Its a promise from a man that can never and will never break it!

This photo just says it all!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo Shoot Fun!

So last Saturday I went up to Oklahoma City and spend the afternoon with my friend Anna in Bricktown! If your ever in the OKC area Bricktown is a MUST go!
Anyways...Anna does photography and is AMAZING! I have learned so much from her! Know you must now, I have not found many photos of me that I have liked. So I have Anna the challange of taking some for me! Below is the results!

This one is my favorit! BTW my hat was made by a dear friend from Texas!

She was telling me something and I was laughing!

I L.O.V.E them!

Another thing Anna and I did was go see a movie! And we went in watched this film:

It was amazing! I loved it! A must see!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

We Have A Winner!


So today I got all the names down for the $20 Gift Certificate for the amazing Chloies Closet Etsy Store!

I needed some help with the drawing so I stepped outside the office and asked these darling girls to take a small time out of there play time to help me!
There my cousins little girls and had this waggon to play with so we put the names in there!

This is Caddie , she is 3! I had her draw the name for me!

And are winner is:
Congrads Girl! Please email me and Ill will foward you info on to the Etsy owner and she will get you the coupon code!

Keep your eyes open! I have 101 followers and im working up another giveaway in celebration of that! Maybe even a few! We will see!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Im Loving!

So, This would be my first timing over at What Im Loving Wensday!

Tanning! Well, I have not started yet, but im going to April 1st! Im in my sisters wedding in June and I need to get un-white for it! :)
This moving to come out April 8th! I want to go see it bad!

The fact that my sister is getting married June 25th and im her Maid of Honor! <3
Starbucks turned 40 and they have some amazing new stuff! These babys look oh so yummy :)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend Fun!

I am going to start this post of very randum!
Who has ever watched this show?
I watched it for the first time Sunday and L.O.V.E.D it! I have to say im watching it mostly cause Curtis Stone is on it! LOL!
Sadly it comes on at the same time I have practis for Easter Program at church :( So I have found were I can watch it online! So no one tell me what happend till after Monday! :)

On Another note, I love Cake Boss and Say Yes To The Dress and have been trying to find were I can watch it online for free. I had a friend tell me but that was not giving me full episodies! HELP PLEASE!

Ok, On to my weekend! I took my camera and just had fun! I was in need of some chill time! Hope you enjoy the photo post!

The animals are one of my Uncles Stallions and my crazy cat Graystroke!

What did you all do this weekend??

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