Friday, March 4, 2011


Its almost the weekend! Im excited! Well, not as excited as I am for next weekend, but still! Next weekend im headed up to Bricktown in Oklahoma City to hang out with a dear friend of mine! But for now, Ill be happy about this weekend!
What am I going to do..let me tell you! NOTHING! Haha!

I want to eat a meal like this sometime this weekend! Looks to healthy and yummy!

The weather has been amazing so I plan on taking my camera out and just having fun!

I'll do a major Picture Post Monday! So get ready for it! :)

I am going to be F.R.E.E this weekend! Just do whatever I feel like and go werever the wind blows me!

I may not have anything that exciting planned for this weekend, and I may be very excited for next weekend, but im gonna live up the weekend ive got!

Since the weather is so nice, I am going to go through my cloths this weekend and get ready for amazing weather!

Still trying to figure out some office looking flip flop ideas! Any help??

And before I leave y'all for the weekend let me remind you about a few things!

I am closing my Giveaway tonight around 9pm! Be sure to get in if you want to win!
Also dont forget about the giveaway going on over at Hand Made and Lovely that Bracey is doing for me! Two of you could win some Pampered Chef stuff!

What are your plans for the weekend??


Elle. said...

Sounds like you're going to have a really relaxing weekend! I'm looking forward to your picture post, I'm planning on taking out my canon this weekend and going on a pictrue frenzy! Hope it's a great day! xo

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