Saturday, April 28, 2012

Style on Saturday!

Happy Weekend!

I have allready been up and around today! I got my swap partner late last night and I was so excited I went out this morning and got a few things for her allready! :)

So, todays post I thought I would share some style stuff I LOVE!
I found most these on Pinterest!

This one is so summery! Just make the cardigan short sleeved and your good! I LOVE THE YELLOW!
I LOVE pink! So this one is awsome! Im in love with the purse!

 Ive always been a fan of blue!

 Umm...can I have this necklass please :)

 And this ring is just awsome!

 Im loving this summer feel! Digging the watch!

 Yet another pink style!
 And these shoes...yep! :)

Whats your style??

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Favorite Colors Blog Swap!

I have always been a fan of blog swaps! I have done many and loved them! The last few I have done did not turn out so well and I have been wanting to do a good one to help make it all better!

Ever since I have been following Mamarazzi blog I have wanted to be apart of one of her AMAZING swaps! But there hard to get into and when I could have done one I was busy with other things!
Well...I am finally apart of one!
What one you may ask?


I cannot wait to do a post and show y'all what my partner got me!

And if you want to jump in on one of her amazing swaps, go follow her and start linking up and commenting! You could earn a newbie spot next time!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shop from Me :)

Hey Bloggy Friends!

Isnt he just the cutest?

My crazy kitty ready for bed! LOL!

Below is some stuff that I am trying to sell! So lets call it shop my closet!

Please email me at cooking4him at gmail dot com and let me now what you want! We can than work out PayPal stuff!
Also we will work out shipping when you email me!

Black Purse Only used a few times.

Fabric Handmade purse...never used.
I payed $25 for it
asking $15

Cato white purse with cheata insid!
in good condition

Reba season 1 and 2!
Never been used, one is open only cause I looked at it, but thats it!
$10 a piece or $15 for both!

These dvds are used but work great!
$5 a piece or $15 for all

Yoga mat. Never been used!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday!

Since im getting back into the bloggy swing of things its time for:

Mingle 240

If your over from Mingle Monday...welcome welcome welcome (you can tell I like The Hunger Games..thats what that reminded me of when I typed that!LOL!)

Let me show you my weekend in pictures!

First...I got this on Saturday!

Yes, I MAJORLY excited! I love my new Iphone 4!

This is the sign at are driveway for our ranch! I love it!

Me and my lil sis walkin!

I LOVE collecting glass bottles! This one I found on are walk and its from Mexico!

As you can tell I am loving my phone :)

And this was just amazing! I love being a girly girl but still living on a dirt road!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Wanted!

Yes, I am blogging within 2 days of my last post! Amazing!


I actually got ready for work in enough time this morning that I needed something to do! And I figured why not blog!

So, I need to tell you all about a band I just found. You now me and my kicks. If you dont let me explain!

I fall in love with new bands. Not always new once to everyone else but new to me too! I am a little slow on the draw in some things! :)
My last kick was The Jonas Brothers.

Well, Last night I was baking 300 cookies for an event today ( yes...300 )  and I turned the TV on for noise! Well, the Voice was on, and a band came on and I feel in Love with them! There called......

The Wanted!

There new to the USA and the albums will be available April 24th! Yes, all 4 of them. I will be buying them! :)

Here is one of there music Video's! Love this one!

Ok...Im done for now! Ive only found them within the last 12hrs so I'll have more! :)

Off to work!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Day in the Life of This Crazy Girl!

Hey Bloggy Friends!

I think I say this allot, But im going to say it again..I really need to get better at blogging again! LOL!

I used to be so good at it! But since I started my job at Old Navy ive been HORRIBLE!

So, Life has been crazy for me! Im working 32 ish hrs a week, and I dont mind the paycheck..I just feel wooped some weeks!

We had some big storms come in this last weekend, we were safe but here is a picture of a funnel cloud from my front porch!

See?? Exciting right? LOL!

My niece Rayden is doing GREAT! She is home from the NICU!

So there were a few issues at work today. And to make a long story short, I was frustrated and upset. At myself, and others. So my dear friend from work Katie, went to Starbucks with me so I could cool down!

I love her! Oh...and my Green Tea Frapa! :)

So... I have a crazy idea! Want to hear it?


I thought it would be fun to host a swap! How about a Gift Card Swap? They would be cheap to send! But I dont think I have enough followers, so would one person want to join me???

Let me know!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Im an AUNT!

I have been VERY silent on blogging! 

BUT IM BACK! And guess what..............

Im an AUNT!!!

Rayden May Kaiser was born April 4, 2012 at 1:17pm!

Mommy and Daddy are so glad to have her here!

Saying "hi" to mommy!

I cannot wait to meet her in May! I have my plane tickets to be there from the 15th to the 24th!

Please keep Rayden in your prayers! She has rapid breathing and she is in the NICU till thursday.


Aunt Jo Jo :)

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