Saturday, April 28, 2012

Style on Saturday!

Happy Weekend!

I have allready been up and around today! I got my swap partner late last night and I was so excited I went out this morning and got a few things for her allready! :)

So, todays post I thought I would share some style stuff I LOVE!
I found most these on Pinterest!

This one is so summery! Just make the cardigan short sleeved and your good! I LOVE THE YELLOW!
I LOVE pink! So this one is awsome! Im in love with the purse!

 Ive always been a fan of blue!

 Umm...can I have this necklass please :)

 And this ring is just awsome!

 Im loving this summer feel! Digging the watch!

 Yet another pink style!
 And these shoes...yep! :)

Whats your style??


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