Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Wanted!

Yes, I am blogging within 2 days of my last post! Amazing!


I actually got ready for work in enough time this morning that I needed something to do! And I figured why not blog!

So, I need to tell you all about a band I just found. You now me and my kicks. If you dont let me explain!

I fall in love with new bands. Not always new once to everyone else but new to me too! I am a little slow on the draw in some things! :)
My last kick was The Jonas Brothers.

Well, Last night I was baking 300 cookies for an event today ( yes...300 )  and I turned the TV on for noise! Well, the Voice was on, and a band came on and I feel in Love with them! There called......

The Wanted!

There new to the USA and the albums will be available April 24th! Yes, all 4 of them. I will be buying them! :)

Here is one of there music Video's! Love this one!

Ok...Im done for now! Ive only found them within the last 12hrs so I'll have more! :)

Off to work!


beccasfamilyof5 said...

Hooray for The Wanted. About time some British music did well in the US. I personally like "Glad You Came"

Have you got "One Direction" fever where you are yet? They are supposed to be doing rather well for themselves but up against a US band with the same name for keeping the name. They are cheery and fun too, just maybe a little more for teenage girls I personally find :)

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