Monday, April 16, 2012

A Day in the Life of This Crazy Girl!

Hey Bloggy Friends!

I think I say this allot, But im going to say it again..I really need to get better at blogging again! LOL!

I used to be so good at it! But since I started my job at Old Navy ive been HORRIBLE!

So, Life has been crazy for me! Im working 32 ish hrs a week, and I dont mind the paycheck..I just feel wooped some weeks!

We had some big storms come in this last weekend, we were safe but here is a picture of a funnel cloud from my front porch!

See?? Exciting right? LOL!

My niece Rayden is doing GREAT! She is home from the NICU!

So there were a few issues at work today. And to make a long story short, I was frustrated and upset. At myself, and others. So my dear friend from work Katie, went to Starbucks with me so I could cool down!

I love her! Oh...and my Green Tea Frapa! :)

So... I have a crazy idea! Want to hear it?


I thought it would be fun to host a swap! How about a Gift Card Swap? They would be cheap to send! But I dont think I have enough followers, so would one person want to join me???

Let me know!



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