Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Christmas Photos, Jerusha's pony Wonder!

To start with this is my little sis Jerusha and her 4 year old paint mare Wonder!

Lovin riding our pony!

The rest of these photos are the family Christmas Photo's I took today!


Me and my siblings!


me and my baby Graystroke :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wedding just dreaming!

A wedding invitation I like!

Love this ring :)

The idea for the next to is the red and yellow..really like it!

And just plain yellow is nice too!

Let me now what y'all think! I love all these colores! LOL! Im crazy..I am a hopless romantic and dream to much :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today was a HORRIBLE day!
I had a migrane for the first time in my life! I felt like my head was going to split in half! I stayed in my room with the windows shut and blinds down all day! Sight...NEVER want to do that AGAIN!
On better notes....
I am working on a web site for a new store that came in...called Sparkle and Shine! Its a boutigue! Very cute and the owner is a sweet ladie! When I get it all up and going ill post the link here!
Some randum pictures that are really cool..and kinda stuff on my mind right now!

And last but not least ,....... You all TOTALLY have to check out this post by Ocean Dreams it is really amazing!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Deep Thoughts!

I found this the other day and it really made me think! I totally agree with it..Im ready for whats going to happen..AND IM READY NOW! I so want to capitolize, highlight..whatever to that now...NOW!!! But than I relized...if i start saying im ready I really?
Think of it this way... we have no clue whats going to happen next, so how do we know if were ready now?
I have been so excited for several friends! They have gotten blogging awards this week! I think these girls are so amazing! Allot of them inspire me with there blogs! Good job ladies!
Its amazing how well you can get to now people when you blog! Some of these ladies I have never ment before! But I allready love them! If we ment, im sure we would be great friends!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Its been FOREVER...Sorry :(

To the people who do read my blog, I am VERY sorry that I have not, I shall try to make this post as entertaining as possible :)

I totally LOVE this time of year..the allmost Christmas time! Christmas is my favorite time and I love it when it comes around!
So my mom and I went to Wal-Mart last night and I got Josh Grobens Christmas CD Noel!

This CD is just AMAZING! If you have never heard it YOU MUST LISTEN TO IT! I totally am in love with it!
Another CD that I cannot wait to go pick up in Tupelo is Casting Crowns new cd!

I got to listen to one of the songs online and it is amazing! I cannot wait to wear this cd out like I have the other 2!

Another new favorite of mine is SmallVille

I am only 4 episods into season one but am loving it allot!

As I get Christmas stuff up and all Ill post pic! Also going to put some yummy recipies on here soon too :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vegitarian..or close to it :)

I have been reading some great diets and saw the Dr. Oz show the other day and he talked about how a vergitarian diet can be very good for you! Plus one of my cousins is now a vegitarian and she lost a TON of weight doing it!
So I have decided that starting this week..I am going to be a vergitarian..or sorts! My family eats allot of chicken so ill still eat chicken and maybe the every once in a while other..but Im gonna try and lay off the bacon and all.
Try and do allot of salads and such! Im allso going to stay away from milk ( I have some issue with it anyways, my body does not like it all the time) and stay on my rice milk like I have done before! I have allso been encouged to try to-fu so I am going to give it a try in some ways that make it tast a little more..well..tast! We shall see how it all works out! I'll keep you all updated on it!
So..since Thursday I have been sick! I dont now what got me...I dont think it was " the Pig" but i have no clue..feeling a TON better now! So ready for work tomorrow! Need to bring in the paycheck!
So..y'all can help me out with this..I REALLY want to do a giveaway and..I am wanting to give away Casting Crowns new cd that is coming out in November..but I cant do it if I dont have fallowers..and I only have one :( So if you all would like to see me give that away..get me some more fallowers..and let me now your interested..and ill get somthing set up! When it comes out in November I allready have 1 pre orders and Im getting it will be here when y'all are ready for it :)

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