Monday, April 12, 2010

A Weekend To Praise The Lord For Little Things!

This weekend was my weekend to thank the Lord for the little things!
Yesterday I went to see Ballet Magnificat! It was amazing! We saw Deliver Us! It was so powerfull! I sat in my chair amazed at how music and dancing could speak to my heart so much! That was a little thing I praised the Lord for!
We had a 2 hour drive back in the bus, and as we were pull in on campus one of the students in the bus yelled " Fire!" We looked out the left side window and saw flames coming out of one of are staff familys upstairs windows! Starting to melt the siding and heading for the tree's in the front yard! I allmost called 911, somone else beat me to it! I jumped in my car and flew over to one of the boys dorms and busted into there front room...Josh and Steve were sitting there and looked up at me " guys, I need a fire extinguisher, I need it NOW and im NOT kidding!" The only other time I have seen those boys move that fast is when they play football! My car has never gone from 0 to 45 so fast in its life!
Are Vol.Fire Department is right next to my house and they got there SO fast! They got the fire out ( only was in the 2 boys room and got some in the parents room) as they were still in the house checking this out the fire started back up twice! They finally threw some cloths out of the boys room with live embers on them and hosed them down.
Are community is very close and EVERYONE was up there..helping move stuff out of the lower part of the house so there would be no smoke damage, handing out water..or as some of us did including me..stood there for moral support!
The fire was out and I got back to my house about 11pm. We are praising the Lord for the small things! The hole house did not go..none of the kids were home when it happened ( there parents are gone of a cruise for the 20th wedding Anniv.) and they had just built a new home up the road and it just got done! Thank you Jesus for an amazing Vol. Fire Department that works so hard for us!
A BIG cheer out for the AMAZING French Camp Vol. Fire Department! You guys put so much time into that, you get there so fast, and you work your guts out! And you dont get payed a cent for doing it! THANK YOU for being there for us!

I am so excited when I can thank Jesus for the little things in often we dont..and this weekend...I needed to be doing that! THANK YOU LORD!!!



OceanDreams said...

Oh I am so glad that you had a nice time and that also that the fire near your house was put out! You are right, God certainly provided. :)

Amy Silver said...

omg.. how SCARY! Geez, thank goodness it all turned out okay. Yea, I tried the blog link tip.. it must be the format my blog is in, I it doesn't work.. :( May just have to find another layout, cause I have other issues too. Thanks for the help though!

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