Friday, May 21, 2010

Not Sure Friday!

Yes, an interesting title I know..but that how I feel today..not sure!

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So today...this post may not seming like im Fuming..but ill try :)

Today I have to/had to say goodbye to allot of sweet sweet kids, kids that will come back to school this fall..but I will not be here anymore :(
Are Sr.s graduate tomorrow and then there will be more goodbyes to be said.
Who ever invernted it...YOU SUCK!
I cryed when I said goobye to Brandon today! That kid is like my little brother...I will miss him.
Another thing that makes me made...the parents of some of these kids here! They dont really love them! They never have! And you can see the pain and hurt in there eyes! Why in the world would I want you to be the parent on this do nothing to help them!

I want to say one thing...get mad at me all you want but I must say this... if and when you are a parent, please love your children as a parent should! If you are or ever do go through a divorce, please understand that your child is still very important , if you ever loose your partner, please remember that your child feels that pain too and needs your love! So many of these kids I work with here to not understand the meaning of love. There parent has never shown that to them.The hurt in there lives is so real, and so big, it makes you sick! I have cryed myself to sleep many times this year seing hurt in these kids lives! done :)

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Delilah said...

oh man thats intense. I hope your coping with situations like these gets better.

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OceanDreams said...

Aww I'm sorry you have to say goodbye but I am sure these kids are going to grow up to be wonderful people and just think of all of the influence you are having in their lives, xo!

Denise said...

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