Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is going to be MY year!

So, as allot of you now, I have struggled allot in 2009. We moved (again) and I had to leave friends behind ( again ). Than we came here to French camp were I did not have hardly any friends at all! And on top of it all, my friends were getting engaged and married, I had 2 friends weddings in 2009 and my little sister got engaged! And there I was still single!
Well...I did allot of soul searching, allot of on my knee's before the Lord crying out. And ya now what? I decided to make 2010 my year! Let me explain!
I decided that I am going to be the " single and loving it!" I am going to do things that I cant do when Im single! I am going to pour myself into friends getting married, and I am going to LOVE it!
And its allready been working! I had 2 friends get engaged last night! And I am WAY excited for them! But ya now, that sinking feeling never came!
2010 here I come!
On a lighter note:
I hope everyone had a great new years! I went to my friend Jon-Jons house! We had a blast! We watched Red Eye and Prom Night, got everyone good and scared and THAN we went out for a drive on the back roads! It was a blast!
Us 3 girls and Daniel took off without the other car and than called Jon and told him daniel left us and we were lost on the road! We had him for allmost 30 min! He came back home and there we were smiling at him! It was SO MUCH FUN!
welll,..what did you do for new years my dear blogger friends?


OceanDreams said...

Sounds like you have an amazing attitude for the new year! My new year was low key, watched a movie with the boyfriend. Glad you are going to be embracing your single womanhood, you go girl! ;)

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