Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pink Party Giveaway...and my Randum Life :)

Hi Y'all!

So...last week I told you about this AMAZING Pink Party Giveaway That was going on last week! Well...dou to computers being totally stupid at times,,,,,the party was postpond....BUT GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! Its back on again! And it starts tomorrow! You all really should come and join in the fun! Just click on the picture below and check it out! I know I cant wait!

I am really excited today! The office I work at ( im there recetionist in the mornings so it my voice you hear first if you call ) has been under some remodeling..were painting and such! Well...the fron hallway and reception office has been done for some time..and I have been able to clean and vaccuum it fine..but...The back hallway, kitchen/breakroom, back office, class room, and few other offices, have had plastic on the floors as they paint the walls, so I have been cleaning the best I could but cant do much when all this is in the way! Well,,today I was able to vaccuum the hole hallway! The plastic is up! The breakroom is allmost to a point were we can get the fridge and microwave in there! It is so exciting to see it all getting done!
So..I thought maybe I would promote my work.....so here are some site's you can check out that I work at! www.sermononthemount.org this man ( Lew Sterrett) is my Uncle! He does some amazing stuff with horses! And even if your not all that horse inclined...I urge you to still check it out! If you have any questions about him...just ask me!
We also are working alongside another ministry and I answer phones for them at the same time..here is there web address www.campoftherisingson.com this is summer camp as well as retreats during the school year! Check it out!
So...this may seeem small to allot of you but....I now have 8 fallowers! this is a big thing for me! Im mean..Im just a small girl..and I dont really think what I have to say is all that exciting..but I have been amazed how much I have loved blogging..and that others enjoy reading it! I hope to get more fallowers soon..and do a give away one of these days!
well I shall close for now! I do so love all your comments!


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