Friday, January 22, 2010

My Kick im on this month!

Ok, So I go threw these kicks....Item that I love, Band that I love, Movie, book..ect.....

So last month I was all over Casting Crowns , on there fan site allot, reading Mark Halls books, Understanding the insite behind there songs, listening to there a friend put it " stalking them" LOL! :)

Well this month...I have been researching WinterJam 2010 cause I am totally excited about going to the Tupelo one of the Memphis one ( my group is still trying to decided) and I was looking at the line up..and got excited about Third Day and Sidewalk Prophets...than I saw a name I had nevere heard...Robert Pierre....Looked him up....listen to one of his youtube vide's and if you have not guess it yet...Robert Pierre is my kick now! I got his Identity Album of amazon last night! Im loving it!

This kid is AMAZING! He is only 16 and has such a passion for the Lord...his voice is also amazing! This picture was taken at the WinterJam 2010 in Chatanooga!

So..if you all are looking at this post and saying " who the heck is Robert Pierre..You need to find out! I pray he will be somone big like Casting Crowns someday! He has the heart for it!

So this is his Fan Site and it gives you all kinds of info on him, what the Lord has done in his life, and allot more!

I cant wait to get my own Pictures! Maybe he will be out were I could meet him after!

What kick are you on.....and/or whats your favorite band?


OceanDreams said...

I will have to check out his music because I love Casting Crowns, glad you are finding some singers that you really like!

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