Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ok..So ya..I need to blog!

I am so very sorry to have not have blogged in a while! I will try and make up for it and make this post allot of jibber jabber :)

So..Sunday I was feeling down. The reality of only having a few friends here in Mississippi was catching up to me..and the 2 friends I had were busy allot! That evening I call a friend of mine who lives right up the road ,Jon Morgan, and he told me to come on over and hang out! Daniel and Hayden were there as well and I got to now all 3 of them better! They told me I was now apart of there crazy group! We watched Taken..It was really good! I am so excited to have a awsome yet crazy group of friends now :)

Monday I had to work! BLAH! It was MLK day and I still had to work! Everyone else here at the Academy was off...sigh...that afternoon I was about to pull my hair out so Jon had me come over and we watched The Notebook together! <3>
That night( my family lives right next to the fire station) we hear the fire trucks and stuff take off around 5ish and they were movin! Than about 5 min later Acherman fire departmant went flying through! Soon after we heard the Ethel Fire department heading our way! It was driving me out of my mind not nowing what was going on! About 30min later they all came flying back and headed up towards are Panthers football feild! I was freakin out by this time! Finally got a txt from Jon saying that Ainsley and her 7 year old sister Morgan had noise dived into a ditch......they were both being life stared to Jackson!

I right away threw on a hoodie and shoes and made a beline for the football was a made house! All the comunity was up there to support the family! There were 3 Fire Trucks, 3 Ambulances, and 2 life star coppters! They took Ainsley first because she was having and head trama, than they took Morgan who had broken her femer. They were soon off and everyone went home. Ainsley was released at 1;00 am that morning..she is doing allot better. Morgan was throwing up all night and did not stop till 3:00 pm yesterday! They finally went in and did surgery at suppertime. They are not sure how it will work out because it broke right near her growth plate. Please keep both girls in your prayers!


OceanDreams said...

I will definitely keep both of your friends in my prayers and I hope you are hanging in there, every one has their down time now and again.

I've been busy too - its hard to keep up with everything sometimes. Take care sweetie!

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