Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top Two..Reality TV

Top 2 Reality TV shows you would be on...

Ok...so these are once I LOVE to watch..and would not mind being on!

1. Biggest Looser/Loosing It With Jillian!

I put both these together cause there sorta the same thing!
I love both these shows! They have inspired me so much!! Cant wait for Season 10 of Biggest Looser..and Loosing it with Jillan comes on every Tue night! I cant wait!

2. The Apprentice

This is a new one for me..started watching the Celebrity one and im hooked now :)


Anonymous said...

I've only sen those shows a couple of times. I'm not to big on reality TV. I did think that The Biggest Loser was pretty good though.

Have a happy weekend!! I'm here from New Friend Friday. :)

The Practical Mom Guide said...

I love The Apprentice.

Julia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I am already a follower, just wanted to say hello! Have a great weekend!


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