Monday, September 17, 2012


Yes, I have been very quiet. And for that I am sorry!

I could use the excuse that It has been busy around here, that our internet has not been working, and that I started teaching 2 weeks ago and am up to my elbows in Literature and Spelling! And all those things would be true! But that is not a good reason!

I guess for me I have sorta lost myself. I started blogging for me! Because it looked fun, and I enjoyed writing things, and posting pictures, and linking up with things.
And I loved looking back on my post and stuff. 
But than I ment amazing people on the blogging world, and no, that was and is a good thing, but I guess I took it to far!
I started to not get a ton of comments, and people started unfollowing me. And I started taking it to heart.

But I am finding myself again. Finding why I loved blogging!
So I  am back!
I am busy with teaching, and our internet has been rough, but when that does not hinder me I will be blogging allot more.
And even if I have no more followers, and no one comments, I am going to blog for me!

Ok...I am done! Keep an eye out for some good blog post to come!



Julie said...

Just keep posting...people will come back!

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