Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Its a LONG week..wait..its Tuesday!

Good Morning!

I am wide awake and I have no clue how I am still keeping my eyes open! Its been a crazy busy week and im only on Tuesday! LOL!
I have been in the dorm since Sunday night and have been trying to keep up with 9 crazy amazing lovible girls! Its been fun but im wooped!

I made a yummy breakfast for everyone today so maybe thats why I am doing ok!

I say this allot but I really am gonna do it this time! I am going to do better at blogging! I promise! Not just for the few readers I have ( if anyone does still read my blog! ) but for me, so I can look back and see whats going on!

Here are a few pictures to make me smile today!

My niece Rayden and me! When I was up there in May!

My sister Jerusha! My family was here over the weekend to bring all my stuff down! Miss her!

From May, my sister Kelsey , Me and Rayden

Miss these girlfriends from Oklahoma!


Look how much she has grown up! Thats my girl!



Ocean Dreams said...

Aww she is just beautiful and I love seeing all of your pictures and your gorgeous smile!

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