Monday, August 24, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping and Why I hate Mondays!

Ok, so yes, the title is a bit ... umm.. weird..but hold on as I explan!
To start with " Why I hate Mondays"!
Monday is trash pick up day! Everyone puts there county trash cans by the drive way and the truck comes and gets it! To start the not so fun..I pull the stinking sitting for a week trash cans down the drive..when both ( we have 2 at the B and B ) are down there I smell like trash!
Of course, everyone else has there stinking trash cans out there as for about a day after the truck dumps them, werever you go..I smell like trash! And bad enough to make you want to puke! Its not fun! And when its hot out it just makes matters worse!
Ive tossed around the idea of just carring Febreez with me wereever I go! :)
On to nicer things! "Thrift Store Shopping!" all need to now one thing...I NEVER FIND ANYTHING AT THRIFT STORES!
So since we have one here at French Camp that supports the school, and my mom is the manager of it now..I have been helping more over there!
Since I have been working there I have found ALLOT of nice stuff! I have gotten several pairs of jeans, t-shirts and trinkets!
Today I ran across some adorible boy baby cloths and picked them up! We have a baby shower for Joy Martin ( one of the dorm parents) here soon and they will be great gifts! I will try and get some pix of my Thrift store finds and post them :)


Sara said...

Joanna, I had to laugh as I read about your "trash Mondays"...kinda like my "birthday night Wednesdays," eh? =) Glad you're finding thrift store steals--that's even better than our ultimate ATI hotspot Goodwill! Love you! <3

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