Saturday, August 15, 2009

I was told to write about here it goes! friend read my blog and said I needed to keep on blogging..she loved hearing about me is a post of allot of nothingness except my crazy life and the thought going through my head ( yes sara..this is for you!)

So today I walked up to the corner and got a snow cone (again!)! My first one I was a Pinya Calata ( or however you spell it!) the next time it was Wedding Cake flaver....hated that today I was going to get my fav again..untill I tryed Blue Egal! So needless to mouth is VERY blue right now! I intende to get a pix of one some time and post it..but by the time i make it back to the house..its allmost gone :)

So today I was thinking(not allways a good thing for me) thing i hate in change...and guess what?? Change fallows me all around! I moved twice in a year and half...friends get married...friends move job changes 6 times in just that year and half!
It takes allot to admitt that the thing you hate the your life! But I admitt it...its true! I think it sences that I dont like it..and it comes to me..Kinda like how cats can tell who likes them and who does not..and who do they go to...the once who hate them!

I guess I think on all this a little to much! Its a good thing that someone invented a blog so I could ramble on and on and continou to bore you all! I am trying to figure out how to fix my comment box so you all can tell me to shut up!

Man..I was reading over all I had written..I sounds like somthing of the tv show Sex and The City! LOL!

Well...Im done talking now...Shuting up! :)


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