Friday, August 28, 2009

Its Gonna Have To Be God!

This is a song by Karen Peck and New Rivers! One of my new Favorite Southern Gospel Artist! This song has a TON of amazing thoughts in it...Ill share mine after you read it!
Its Gonna Have To Be God
How do I climb this mountain when I cant even stand?
How do i cross this river when I cant see dry land?
Though it all seems so impossible to me,
I've been here before thats why I believe.
God's got a solution before I even pray,
Sees the end from the beginning and somehow makes a way.
And the only hope I have is in His hands.
So Im holding to His promises, trusting in His plan.
Nobody else can handle,
What Im going through.
Sometimes only a miracle will do!
It's Gonna have to be God,
To get me through this trial.
Carry me another mile as I journey on.
Its gonna have to be God.
'Cause Im all out of options,
All I have are questions and my strength is gone.
For what I need,Its gonna have to be God!
This song has ment so much to my life! Everytime I hear it come on the radio, I stop whatever I am doing and sing along! Some times I just close my eyes and listen!
I have been through some really big trials in my life...the first verse of this song sum's me up allot! But you now..this song is allso very true that I/we can make it through! But not on our own strength! So many times I try and do it alone, but I have to come back to the one main person who makes eveything in my life work! When I forget Him is when I cant make it through these trials He brings my way!
He brings them big, because He knows that with His help I can make it through. Without it...I wont!
This song is my song right now...and now why!


Candace said...

I didn't know you liked Southern Gospel music! That's so cool! Me and my family love it! :)

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