Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Post I said was coming...my weekend!

So, Im going to start out with some today stuff and than move on to the weekend..hope you can keep up :)
So, since we live in tonado alli we have a big tornado siren at the fire department. The first Monday of every month they test it! Well since the first monday will be Labor Day they decided to do it today, and boy could you hear it! The ;ady at the post office ( its right next to the fire department) said that her ears were ringing for some time after it was done :) We will have no issue not hearing when a tornado is coming in that for sure :)!
Ok..on to this last weekend!
Friday night was the first Highschool football game! We ( The French Camp Panthers) played in away game! We played the Kilmikle Hornats!
To start the game off, on te first play one of our guys broke his finger! Broke it clean at the joint and sent the bone through his skin! He had to go to the hospital! By half time we were loosing..are team was just not doing well and are defence stunk!
During have time one of the cheerleads feel from up high, caught herself but managed to elbow another cheerleader in the eye! She had to go get stickes in her eyebrow!
Finally, after half time, our team stepped thing up and really started scoring! We ended up winning 46 to 22!
Sunday was the baby shower for Mrs. Martin ( a dorm parent) and that was allot of fun! She got some really cute stuff! It was great to hang out with all the ladies!
I came home and rested for a bit than headed back up to the HUT ( House of Unclaimed Treasures) ( single girls live there :) ) and had supper with the 2 MMR intern girls! I ended up staying till 9:30!
That about sums up my weekend! It was nice!


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