Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mud Between toe's, 4-wheeling, and gardening!

So...last night I baby sat my siblings and the Edwards kids ( there dad is the presedent of FCA) and we played in the yard! We have had non stop rain for the last 3 weeks and we took are shoe's off and just let the mud do whatever it wanted! Th mud squishing between by toe's was AMAZING! LOL!
This morning when I got up I had to put a hoodie on and it only game of 2 times today! IT WAS COLD PEOPLE! Everyone thought I was crazy..but it was COLD!
I went 4-Wheeling around 1ish with Marcie and really had fun with her! Got all mudding and my hair looked a mess..but it was so much fun!
This afternoon Heather ( an FCA student) and myself planted Pansie's and a few other flowers! The gardens are looking nice! I will take some pictures soon!
Thank you to all those who read my blog..I know its not many..but its nice to see who all reads!
I have made several " blogger Friends"! That has been fun. <3


Candace said...

I love mudding especially on 4-wheelers! So much fun!!

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