Thursday, July 25, 2013

Writer's Workshop: Coffee

I have not joined Writer's Workshop is years! I figured it was time to get back into it! And I loved one of the topics this week!

So the topic this week that I have picked is:

5.) Write a post inspired by the word: Coffee

I love my Starbucks! I had a gold card at one point! (Than I moved to MS and was 2hrs from a Starbucks so I'm working my way back to the gold card again!)
I keep my Starbucks app handy and use that instead of dragging my cards around with me!

There are few mornings you will find me without a coffee mug in my hand. Actually normally what you see if me in my bathroom putting on makeup and doing my hair with a random coffee mug from the cupboard downstairs with coffee sitting on the counter next to me!
My dad is always up around 4:30 or so, I can always count on there being coffee in the coffee pot! And really the only time I don't get coffee is if we are out of creamer.
Yes I am that type of coffee drinker, the one who is "Would you like a little coffee with your creamer?" The kind who HAS to have flavored creamer! I get the big jug of french vanilla at Walmart! Between my dad and myself we can down one in a few weeks!
I don't really have a mug that I use on a daily basis. I used too, but I left them in MS, kinda on accident, but oh well. I have to find a few to get that will be my favorite cup!
Coffee is what keeps me going most the day! If you ever come stay the night at my house let me set you some ground rules...don't talk to me till I have had my cup of coffee, had a shower or have my makeup at least done. After that.. your good! :)
What I really want is a Kurig coffee maker! I can make my own coffee, one cup at a time! Anyone have one?? I used one when I worked at the girls home and LOVED it!
A few weeks ago I got a Snickers Frappe at Starbucks! That was SOOOO yummy! I need a Starbucks fixes really bad right now...oh well...If you ever want to send me coffee, a mug, or a Starbucks gift card, you can donate to the Joanna Coffee Fund! (TOTALLY kidding!) 

well, from one Coffee lover to another.....Lets get a coffee together someday!

If your new to the blog I hope you will stay around!!



BalancingMama (Julie) said...

I much prefer iced coffee, mmm. And my Starbucks-obsessed friends get so mad at me for it - but I also prefer Dunkin Donuts! (sorry.)

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