Monday, March 15, 2010

And Once again..Its Monday!

I do belive that weekends go by so fast..and weekdays..well..they drag on to NO END!
My weekend was amazing! My little brother and sister have the week off ( Spring Break) and my dad got it off too! ( my mom got a little time of as well!) But has to work :( So they were all going to go on a family vacation...without me, But my mom got this amazing idea and we went over the weekend so I could go! We went up to Tupelo Ms! Stayed at a Hotel over the weekend! We went and toured the Aoutomoble mousum! ( I will have pictures soon!) and we went to a really cool flea market! I got a TON of new amazing earings! :)

Today is monday..Its back at the office and desk again. But beside sounding like its all gloom and doom..Its really not going to be to bad this week! Everyone except for 4 of us in on Spring Break, So it really quite....the biggest thing I have to do is get a project completed and all out in the mail! My Uncle just wrote a book called Life Lessions From A Horse Whisperer and is sending out a copy to everyone who is in the book..or has ever worked with him in his Sermon On The Mount Minsitry! So there area bout 200 or more copys! He is writing in each of them..puts a sticky note of the persons name on it..and hands it to I have to figure out his hand writing ( haha) and find there address! I am currently working of off 3 data bases that I have acess to and when I cant find them there I send an e-mail with the names on it to the Ranch and they find them on there data base! Then I most box them and mail them! The post lady is gonna get real sick of me this week :)
Thursday I was suppost to be going to Winter Jam in Tupelo but because everyone is on break, the girl who covers phones for me may be there is a 99.9 % chance I cant go :( Im trying to hold on to that 1% :) I'll let you all now Thursday morning if I get to go. Im praying the Lord opens the door for me!
Well..Enough blabbing! I want to now what YOU ALL want to hear about! It can be a topic, somthing in my life..whatever! Leave a comment :)


Kristin said...

Let's just skip over Monday shall we? Ah ha ha

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