Monday, March 1, 2010

My weekend was a flop :(

I have been sick all weekend :( I have not actually thrown up..but sure felt like it! And my head has felt like it was gonna exploud!
Saterday I slept and felt sorry for myself all day! I went outside for about 30min and walked in the nice weather..and than I was back home crashing again! My sister had a Talent Show at school Saterday night..I drug myself out of bed for it..and as soon as it was done left before everyone else did! I went right to bed!
Sunday I pulled myself from bed, took a shower, and headed to church to teach my sunday school class....I left for home as soon as I was done. That evening was another hot shower...and than I crashed last night!
Today I am at work..but I dont now how much longer I can stay! I may have to go home at lunch..we shall see.
I was saying I would have rather had a busy weekend then be sick over it! So needless to say,,,my weekend was not its allmost as if I did not get a weekend :(
On a happy note...I did watch Apollo and J.R race again friday night! Ya...those are my boys! And they got Bronze! So proud of them :)


OceanDreams said...

Oh no, feel better soon and I too watched the Apollo good but I was bummed that he was disqualified on one of them!

K said...

Hey girl, I found your blog over at Kelly's Korner! I'm a 21 y.o. girl too, and I just started my blog! I love meeting new bloggers :) Looking forward to reading!

Ann said...

I LOVE apollo!! watching him speedskate is so much fun!

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