Friday, March 26, 2010

Crazy Love

Its kinda hard for me to put this one here cause I dont want to be seen as a moocher but I feel that the Lord brought THIS BLOG into my life today to use it! So here it goes!

1. Do you and your family tithe?
Since I am single I would have to say, yes I tithe! Allot of times I dont just give to my church but I give to missions, dear friends in need, and who or whatever the Lord lays on my heart I am open to! It is not my money but the Lords!

2. What Church do you attend?
I attend the French Camp Presbyterian church here in French Camp! I am a member of my home church Calvary Baptist in Texas!

3. Are you involved in your church at all?
YES...I am the 10th grade girls sunday school class teach, plus, I help with nursery and I also play violin during service!

4. What exactly is your need?
I am working for a ministry called Sermon On The Mount ( ! I work as there receptionist and many other things. I work with my family. The only thing is we do not get paid by them. It is a missions support job, so I have to raise my income. At Christmas I sent out over 50 support letters to family and friends, I have only heard from my parents who support me monthy, and that is not even enough to cover my cell phone bill ( YET...The Lord has still been oh so faithfull!)
So after all need support as I am basically a missionary in the states!

5. How would the money be used?
It would be used to help me live! Cover my cell phone bill, car insurance, gas for my car, my clothing, bathroom products...ext.... I allso am looking at doing some more schooling if the Lord provides as well as I LOVE to bless others with what the Lord gives me!

If you are at all interested more in my ministry..feel you want to give, just want updates from me to pray, or any other info please e-mail me at

Thank you so much for taking time to read this, I pray the Lord will bless you amazingly!


Sarah Ann said...

Growing up in a Missionary Family, I know what it is like to rely on support. I would support you if I could, but I can pray for you! I know that God provides, and I pray that he does for you soon! :)

Leah W said...

I have been going around and donating to all the people who are linked on Linny's site that have "chip in" buttons. besides that I don't know how to donate to people who don't.

just a thought, i would add one :)

btw, when I say I am donating to all I mean only a few dollars to each. but if everyone that read her blog did it what a difference it would make!

Liz said...

What an inspiring post!!

Please let me know where i can send you al little somthing :)

God Bless you my friend!!

OceanDreams said...

Thanks for letting us know love, you have such a big heart and it shows!

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