Friday, March 19, 2010

{Winter Jam 2010}

I went to Winter Jam 2010 in Tupelo last night! It was totally amazing! The Lord was so present in the building and touched my heart in so many ways!
Below are just a few pictures from the night! I am going to make something up with allot of pictures in it and post it on here later so you can see them all! So keep your eyes out for it!

Ok, you need to now a few things! My friend Jon and I left French Camp around noon and got to the Bankcorp South Arean at 1:30. We stood in line till the doors opened at 5:45! Yes, It was worth every minute! We had one of Jons sisters friend with us that is in a wheel chair so we really needed to get floor seats! Well, we got better than that! Floor seats, 6 rows back from the stage..or maybe 10, but it was really close as you will see in the pictures! Then the work crew saw the girl in the wheelchair and moved her right up next to the stage with 2 of the other girls in are group! Those girls are only 11 so I am so glad they were able to be that close and have so much fun! As for me and Jon..we were happy were we were, the stage had a runway type thing and it came down right next to us..and several of the bands came out on it! It was amazing!

The Newsboys! This group was amazing! Michael Tait was amazing!

North Tenth Avenu! They were awsome too!

Newsong! I had never heard them before..but boy were they awsome!

This is the lady from Fireflight ( not sure her name ) and Mac from Third Day!

Ok, this was my favorite picture of the hole night, and it has a story, so read on if you want!
This my an amazing 17 year old kid named Robert Pierre! Some of you have read some older post that I wrote on him, he is new to the singing world and this was his first tour ( so if you have no clue who he is..but want now you do..check out his web site ) and I found him on the Winter Jam 2010 Line up and looked him up..and I am now a MAJOR fan! Well...he sang for the pre-show, and than he sang when they did the offering..and after the show he was at his booth doing autographs and pictures and all! I got a poster signed and his new single cd. PLUS...the picture above!
We then moved on and got Autoghraphs from Mikeschair and got Newsboys to sign there new album for me. Jon wanted to get North Tenth Avenu so we headed over for Jon to stand in there line, we just happend to be back infront of Roberts booth again and he was packing up to get going..I felt this tug on my heart from the Lord to go over and thank him for his one song he sang years ago that I got the cd for and has blessed my heart this last month. I was freaking out! I was NOT going to go do it. But, once again the Lord won and I went over, I told him thank you for the song and all, he gets this big smile on his face, says " thank you so much, that was such an encourgment" holds out his hand and says " whats your name" " nice to meet you, im Robert!" I walked out last night with such a joy in my heart cause I obeyed the Lord! The Lord taught me something so big last night... How dare I let my fear get in the way of the Lord giving somone a blessing! If I would have not obeyed I would have deprived Robert of a blessing the Lord wanted to give him!

Ok..Im done for now...more pictures coming soon! I love your leave em!!!


Sara Lynn said...

I went to Winterjam in Charleston and it ROCKED! I wasn't a fan of Newsong when they played but Newsboys was probably my fave next to fireflight. But that guy didn't appear in Charleston. :( ill have to look him up.

OceanDreams said...

That looks like so much fun, glad you were able to hear so many amazing bands and singers! I love Tenth Avenue North, I was listening to them while I went jogging this morn!

Talley Images said...

Hey, I just found your blog - Im from Columbus and went to Winter Jam in Tupelo... Tenth Avenue North was well worth the wait - love them!

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