Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Confessional!!

Its Friday Y'all!!

I have not been doing allot of link ups lately so I want to get back into them!
And today is........


I CONFESS...... Living in a very big double wide trailer by myself is nice, but at the same time I really dont like it! Im not a fan of being alone.

I CONFESS.... I really enjoy doing stuff with the horses...but my allergies are going CRAZY now!!

I CONFESS...Found this on Facebook this morning and it made me smile!

I CONFESS.... I am VERY excited to go shopping in Jackson this Saturday ( tomorrow ) Going to shop at Hobby Lobby, Old Navy, Gap, Victories Secret, Aero, and get me some Starbucks! I'll do a blog post for Y'all on what I got!

I CONFESS..... I am a bad blogger!! I AM GETTING THERE I PROMISE!!!

I CONFESS.... No matter were we all stand in these elections..I think this is true:



Aubrey S. said...

You know, when I was a little younger, I used to feel the same way about being alone....but now I appreciate every chance I get to spend on my own.

Enjoy the shopping. Hope you find lots of great deals.

Thanks for linking up with Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend.

Julie said...

I agree about the elections.

Have a good weekend!

Ducky said...

I haven't been on a shopping spree in so long, sounds super fun! Hobby Lobby is always a budget buster for me!!

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