Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend fun!!!

As promies here are some pictures from my weekend :)

It started out with a Pumpkin Spice Latta from Starbucks!!!

Look at all the bags I came home with!  Ok, lets break them all down!!

First stop was Old Navy! I got a cardigan online and it was too big so I returned that first! They were having there stuff and save event for card holders, So I got 30% off my order and the cool bag!! I love the sweater and I got a cardigan that fits me!

Than on to Victoria's Secret! Since this is a public blog I'll just show you the bag :)

next was Aero! I dont always find things there, sorry they are more for skinny girls! But I do love there polo's and they were having a 2 for $18 sale! So I was happy!!!

And Hobby Lobby was good too! I am gonna work on Christmas Cards here soon! If you want one email me and give me your address!!

And than a day in Jackson is not done without GiGi's! :)
This one is Strawberry Champagne!

And the other one is Irish Cream!!

And than to end my awsome day I went and got a pedicure!!

On another note, I see all these blogs doing reviews and all, So I decided to start getting my blog so that I can do them too! So I'll start reviewing stuff that I like!  Also if anyone has a shop or whatever and you would like me to do a review let me now!

Also, any tips on getting my blog up there for reviews???



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