Thursday, February 25, 2010

My favorite of them!

Last night I went to my friend Jon's house and we watched one of my all time favorite movies!

Yes...Step Up! I totally love this movie...and mostly because of this guy!

Yes I am a big Channing Tatum fan..and I now allot of people are upset with him because of this new movie he is making about his life! My oppinion of it..well..its kinda mixed! I am proud of him that he is coming out and telling his story! He has allot of things in his background that if I were him I would not want the hole world to now! But at the same time..I dont really agree with everything in the movie...It is not out yet..but I know some things about it...and I think some things dont need to be done..I'll just keep it at that!

Ok folks...I am gonna do something..I want a topic to blog about ...and I want you to give it to me! It can be anything..a movie..and actor...a color...WHATEVER!!! This should be fun! Hope allot of people leave there comment!


Sara Lynn said...

I watched both step up and step up 2 last night!! I absolutely LOVE these movies and so wish I could dance like that!

OceanDreams said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit hun! I love this movie so much, it's great!!

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