Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guest Blogger Angie @ My So-Called Chaos

{ Hi Lovelys! I have an amazing blogger guest blogging for me today! I love Angie..she is a blast! Busy today with wedding stuff! Enjoy and go leave Angie some love! Joanna Noel}

Hi everyone! My name is Angie, from My So-Called Chaos & Health NOT to NUT, and when Joanna invited me to do a guest post, how could I say no? Especially when she wrote such a lovely one for me a while back.

First, I guess I should introduce myself. I am 25, single and currently, I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my amazing roommate, awesome neighbors, and some animal babies. I live my life in the open, and I love fiercely and with everything I have. I am a peace and love kind of girl, a hippie at heart, and I recentlybought myself a pretty hula hoop and am trying to learn how to do it. I also just started the Health NOT to Health NUT blog in order to help keep me inspired and help others be continually inspired on their paths towards reaching their health goals.

Ways to Make This Year (and any year) The Best Ever!

Fall in love all over again.
With every friend, stranger, blade of grass, face, memory etc. Fall in love for the first time with that special someone, or fall in love again with your lifelong partner. Feel the rush, and love love love!

Smile every time you walk by someone.
Whether it's your best friend, a stranger, or your worst enemy. Smiling will brighten someone's day, and make you feel infinitely better. If someone doesn't have a smile, lend them yours.

Chase those dreams you've been putting off.
Go back to school, write that novel, apply to your dream job, travel the world, etc. No more sitting there saying "I wish I could do this" get out there and make it happen! You'll never know until you try.

Take a Vacation.
We work so hard all the time, that sometimes we forget to treat ourselves or stop and relax for a bit. Don't you think it's time you got to rest and/or see someplace new? Go somewhere and get away, it really will make all the difference.

Document your world.
Take pictures, keep a journal, write in your blog, etc. You have no idea how important these things will be to you someday, and how the flood of memories and emotion can come right back when reviewing.

Take up a new hobby.
Expand your horizons and learn something new. You never know how much you'll love it, and who doesn't enjoy having an entire repartois of skills under their belt.

Take a nap now and again.
Let's face it, sometimes you really just need an hour or two to nap during the day and recharge your batteries. What's better than a Sunday afternoon nap with the warm sun coming in through the window?

Read every chance you get.
We get so caught up in the day to day,we forget to loser ourselves in a great story. Pick up a book, a magazine, your favorite blogs and read away. You'll be taken so many new and far off places it's like a mini-vacation!

Surround yourself with good people.
The more positive and loving people around you, the more positive and loving your life will be-it's as simple as that. Surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to be the person you've always want to be. You can't go wrong with good friends.

Treat yourself.
Don't go overboard, but do remember that you deserve a little treat every now and again. Whether it's a cupcake after a long week of eating really well and working out, or a new pair of shoes after a stressful week. You deserve it!

Elminate the drama.
We all know we don't need it, it's better left to your favorite TV series than your life. Cutting out the people and things that fill your life with stress will make you feel so much more free.

Not only will it help you get in better shape, but it will make you feel healthier and more energized. It's good all around to be active, and even better when you can find an exercise or activity that you like doing!

Let go of the past.
It's time to move forward, and holding on to past wrongdoings, guilt or pain only holds you back from being happy. Let it go, and free yourself to reach for the future and live and love for today!

It has been so awesome sharing with you today, and I hope it inspired you to go out and have the best year ever! Please feel free to stop by and say hello to me, I try to always respond and/or come by and visit you as well! Also, if you are on the path to getting healthy, join me at Health NOT to Health NUT and with each others support we can do this!


Aubrey S. said...

Lots of great, great advice. Thanks for sharing, Angie!

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