Monday, May 23, 2011

Mingle 240

Its Mingle Monday! The one thing that starts my week of well! If your a follower on Dance And Dream and have never checked it out, you really need to!
If you are over from Mingle Monday..WELCOME! I meeting new bloggy friends! Comments are alway welcome! If you leave me your blog address I'll be sure to return the favor and stop by!

This weekend was amazing! My mom and my sister and myself went to a day long scrapbooking day saturday! I got allot done and really got back into the scrapbooking itch! I love to scrapbook but with all are moves it has kinda got thrown to the side!

Allot of people are getting into the digital scrapbooking and all that. Im sure its nice and all, but there is just something about the real stuff that I just cant get let go of! I love the paper and the stickers and all that!

Anyone else do scrapbooking??


P.S .. Dont forget about the giveaway that on till Friday!


Sar said...

Was linked here by Mingle Monday!

Love your blog! I also love your scrapbooking obsession; I love cardstock! <3

Hope you're having a beautiful week!


-Mallori said...

Hi Joanna! I'm not quite sure which blog you prefer, but I saw this one had a most recent posting!

Thanks for stopping by, commenting on, and following my blog! I'm glad you liked what you saw!

I actually don't live in Norman anymore, I was there for school and just graduated two weeks ago! But thanks for making me realize I need to change that!

Happy Tuesday!


Allison said...

I love, love, love scrapbooking! I've thought about getting into digital, but I agree with you...I just love the old school style too much. Thanks for your comment!!

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