Friday, May 27, 2011

Its Friday! And a Giveaway Winner!

Its Friday Dear Bloggy Friends! I am super happy! This week has been good, but I am ready for my long weekend! I have Monday off and I am just gonna chill!
So yesterday a friend txted me and asked if I was free Friday night, I was, and she asked if I would babysit a co-workers kids tonight! Its a little weird for me watching someones kids i dont now, but im gonna take my sister with me, should be good! Plus im getting $30 bucks! Anything helps for the trip to PA!

Well, A few of you know that I had a giveaway going on that ended today! I only have 2 people sign up for it so it was very easy to win! I used but I was not able to take a screen shot or anything, i promis i did not rig it!
The winner is acutally a real life friend! Just have not seen her in years! The winner is:

Stephanie over at The Mrs!

Stephanie email me at and I'll get you address info on to Megahn for her to send you the goodie bag!

In other news, There is an amazing giveaway going on over at HAND MADE AND LOVELY that you must check out!


P.S....See post below about guest bloggers needed :)


Stephanie said...

Awesome! :) Thanks again.

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