Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yesterdays Tornado!

I am sure allot of you have seen and heard about the tornado's in Oklahoma yesterday! It was crazy! We stayed glued to the TV watching for our area and praying for those in the path of these monster tornado's! We had a total of 5 that touched down on Oklahoma in an hour and half!

The Lord was very good to us and we did not get any at are house, we got rain, and the clouds were crazy and we did see one south of us, but no harm to us.

Chickasha Oklahoma is 15min from us and we shop there allot! They got hit hard! Here are some pictures!

This is the sky at our house! The clouds that passed over us dropped on chickasha!
This thing was massive!

The damage now to clean up is amazing! This is the Western Sizzlers sign, well, whats left of it.

Gas station were we fill up allot!

This is the Bath and Body Works I have an application in at. So glad I was not working!

This is the same mall strip as the Bath and Body Works! These photo's are crazy!

Please pray for Chickasha! They have 3 confirmed deaths and maybe more! Also keep the rest of Oklahoma in your prayers! There has been so much yesterday and these storms were all clocked as F4 to F5 tornado's!

Thank you dear bloggy friends!



Aubrey S. said...

The tornadoes all over the country this spring have been ridiculous. I'm so glad that you and your family are fine.

Jami said...

So glad you and your home were safe! Tornados scare me so bad! This season has been horrible!

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