Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New New New!!

So, as I was telling you a few blog post ago, I was really wanting a new blog layout! I was getting tired of the one I had and I am by now means "tecky" enough for HTML! I look at it and I get really really confused :) LOL!
Well..I had entered a giveaway for a gift card to use at

And guess what?? I WON! I was SOOO excited!
After looking at all the stuff she has to offer ( You really should go look yourself) I found this FREE one ( Yes..she has free too) and I snagged it! I am going to use my gift card on somthing else! Not sure yet...we shall see :)
Now that I have found her my blog can change all the time! LOL!

Got to hang out with some amazing friends last night!

Jon Morgan

And Mollie Winters
(These photos were taken on July 4th)

We watched John Tucker Must Die ( I love that movie!) and then rode in the back on Jon's truck down the dirt road! Sigh! I am going to miss these two people so much!
I am working on a blog for Jon ( he is going to try out for American Idol in Nashville on the 17th) Keep your eyes open..ill have a link to the blog up soon!
Mollie is amazing! She goes to Mississippi State and is in a Sorority there! I love her to death!

My journaling is really going well! I am getting to the point were I feel like I cant live without it! LOL!



Laura said...

I love this layout! And it was free?! I can't believe it!

tina said...

Love the new layout! I have an award for you. You can check it out here:

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