Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Since Sunday I have not been feeling very good. Had a headack on and off, and such. Then we worked on packing on Saturday, and yes..I am ready to move, but at the same time I do not want to leave on my friends! I am so glad you bloggy friends will move with me :)So today has not really been any better...then I came across this amazing site!

Its called Operation Beautiful!
I was not sure about it at first...then I went to the site...and I was amazed!

One girl started this blog! Asking people to post these notes everywere...and its HUGE now!

Found on bathroom mirrors in Wal-mart...

Counters in stores......


This place is AMAZING!
And then I was thinking..If just a site like this could touch my heart..how much more the notes could..and then I thought..you now...I have never seen these notes around were I am! So..I decided I am going to post them! I will take pictures of myself doing it and put them here on this blog! Ya now...I may even do a link up page here..and maybe we could do a post on how we posted some notes around! Anyone be interested in doing that? What could it hurt...giving back to are community..making a diffrence..one person at a time!

oh..on a side note...I finally got a Tumblr! Go check it out if ya want!


Amy said...

yes we do get to move with you! this site you found is super cute :)

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