Saturday, January 22, 2011

You shall be missed dear friend.

Happy Saturday Y'all! I am so excited to see Saturday! Im going to finish organizing my room, then im off to finish some school work! The thing I am the most excited about is the Bridal Show in OKC that my mom and I are going to tomorrow! I got tickets from Groupon and I thought it would be good for my school ( as you now im doing school from home to be a wedding planner ) I will take pictures and do a post later :) Below is something I thought you all may like to read. My Uncles ministry that I work for ( ) works with horses, and one of are faithfull and loved horses had to be put down last Sunday, below is a memorial to him!

A Hero and a Servant

May 27, 1997 – January 17, 2011

Though he never competed in horse shows or won a trophy, he entered thousands of arenas and coliseums and captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. Though this almost fourteen year old good looking palomino stallion was of great pedigree, it was his attitude and performance that attracted his followers. From his quiet sorting and stepping through debris of all kinds with instant obedience to stop on command, to his blind-folded and bridleless full gallop figure eights, to his trustworthy manner around other horses, looking and learning from him was easy. His most captivating liberty performances were those of ponying colts for their first ride , with a finale of working the colt entirely alone, following the trainers hand signals from a distance. His example and obedience were a compelling and inspiring compliment to the owner and trainer, Dr. Lew Sterrett’s, message. His playful spirit and unique performance left the audience with an unforgettable impression.
Bred by Warren and Mary Davis of the Crow Creek Division of the CS Ranch in Raton, New Mexico, he was given to Dr. Sterrett to be used in his Sermon On The Mount presentations. Though only a yearling at the time, it was soon apparent that he was needed to replace the former star of the show, Paul’s Red Berry. In the years that followed he would criss-cross the United States and Canada covering almost every state and province serving nearly fifty-thousand people a year. He has been featured in several television series, published in many DVDs’ and in the most recent book “Life Lessons From A Horse Whisperer”. His star performance in Sermon On The Mount focused on teaching lessons for life and leadership through the language of the horse. He performed in fairs, equestrian events, horse shows, rodeos, high schools, churches, and hotels. His backdrops ranged from backyards to major coliseums, and he logged hundreds of thousands of miles in his travels. However, he evidenced his greatest character as children rode him. Dr. Lew’s grandchildren believed him to be the only horse of any value and insisted on attending his sad farewell.
His message for mankind centered around having a healthy responsible relationship with our Creator, our conscience, and our community. He was loved and honored by children, youth groups, athletes and coaches, business leaders, and bureaucrats and was especially embraced as the hero at family conferences. Beyond his ability to introduce new riders to the art of riding, he was also a powerful tool in the development and presentation of the Leaders by H.E.A.R.T. (Human/Equine Analogies in Relational Training) program. This outreach program effectively illustrates how leaders can capture the hearts of their people and earn the right to coach them to excellence.
“Spark” was just being prepared to help introduce the new LIFE (Living In Faithful Example) conference in 2011, when he met with a tragic accident. With a leg broken completely through, it left no option but for this horse to be returned to his Creator. Even in his death he showed his loving servant’s heart as he quietly obeyed his master to his last breath. He shall be sorely missed by his fans, his pit crews, and his owners. The other members of his cast Romeo, Spotlight, and now Juliet will not only miss him but also have to fill in the gap in the upcoming presentations of Sermon On The Mount, Leaders By HEART, and LIFE conferences. It is safe to say, that in light of the message he was used to present and the faith he inspired, this horse has left a significant and eternal legacy.


Courtney said...

aww, sorry to read about Desired Spark. I know how hard it is to lose a pony - we've had to put both of our horses down over the last fourish years, so I know how you guys must feel. Hope you're doing okay!

But, I did find you through me, Neely and Sam's blogswap! So glad you're joining in! It's gonna be fin - new follower here :)

OceanDreams said...

aww, i'm sorry about your uncle's horse that had to be put down, what a lovely sermon though! i hope you have fun at the bridal convention, your post is up on Secret! here is the link:

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