Monday, January 10, 2011

Secrets Gift Fundraiser!

Welcome to Secrets Gift Fundraiser!
This was going to be a Christmas Fundraiser but I had some sickness in my family and was not able to get it up early enough, but here it is now!

A friend of mine Dayna from Washington State rescued Secret back in November of 2010, This is her below:
When she went to pick her up she was in a small pen maybe 30 by 50 with another pony mix. They where standing in 3 plus feet of mud and manure. The fencing was the wire square stuff they could have very easily gotten hung up in. There was old pieces of metal and trees in the pen. She was wearing a rain sheet that was dripping wet, was very lame on front right leg and had some proud flesh (bad infection in the flesh itself) going on on the back right aswell. Dayna took her to the the barn she boards her other horses at and it took 3 and a half house to wash all the matted mud and manure from her legs and under side.
She had her almost 4 weeks and in that time her front right leg had gotten worse. The vet came out and he took X-rays and she had a tendon infection. Here are a few pictures of how she looked when Dayne first got her home and a picture of her right leg infection:
Secret was starting to fill out and really seemed to bet getting better! Dayna had put allot of money into vet bills and I was wanting to do this fundraiser to help cover those cost! Here are a few pictures of Secret finally healthy enough to get out in the field some:
When I see this picture it just brakes my heart that anyone could treat a living animal like this!
Sadly, on November 11, 2010 Dayna emailed me and told me that night Secret had taken a turn for the worst. The infection in her leg had been there so long with no treatment that it just set in too deep. She had to put Secret down that night. She had almost 4 weeks of love, and Dayna is just happy she was able to give her that! Below is the picture Dayna took of her a few days before she passed away.
I have decided to give a donation in memorie of Secret....and this donation is going to
Apache Junction Horse Rescue Corporation (AJHR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that believes every horse should be treated the way we would want a higher being to treat us. AJHR is responsible for rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of unwanted, abused, or neglected horses. AJHR also upholds an on going commitment to educate the public on proper equine care and horsemanship skills.
Over time AJHR has found many horses that were no longer wanted.

Below are several package Items you can choose from:
This Package was generiously donated by:

Laura has some amazing stuff on her Etsy store as well as being an amazing blogger! I cant thank her enough for giving towards Secrets Cause!

This package was genourusly donated by:
BonBon Rose Girls
Megan and Kristen are 2 very amazing ladies and there blog is just as amazing! They have so much up todate info on the fads and fashion! I love reading there blog! A big THANK YOU to them for donating these amazing earings to Secreat Cause!

This package is from me! A set of 12 Blank Photo Cards and Envelops!

And last but not least

This one if from my dear friend Meghan! There are a set of these gift tags, and a few homeaid candle holders!

Here is how it will work:
$10 per entry
Please leave a comment on how many entry's you have done and what package you want them to go to.
If you want to split your entry's up thats fine just be sure to say were they go!
If you are not interested in winning anything but would like to donate please just let me know!
Just click the Donate button on the left side bar below the Fundraiser Button!

If you would like to help promote this fundraiser use the blog button on the side bar! You can also copy and paste this post!
We also have a facebook page HERE....please go and "like" it and share with your friends!
Thank You so much!


OceanDreams said...

don't worry about a gift for me, but i'll donate what i can! :) secret's story broke my heart, so sad that she passed away. love your giving heart and wanting to help other neglected and abused horses who need some love!

a life of color said...

The story about Dayna breaks me heart..I can't stand to think about loving aniamls being mistreated.

On a happier note...thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Much love.

High Heeled Life said...

Joanna, thank you for taking the time to visit from Mingle Mondays.. I'm now your newest follower. I have posted a shout out on your wonderful fundraising venture. Where we live there is a foundation that rescues retired race horses. What you are doing is heart warming. Wishing great success! xo HHL

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

If everyone just did a little something for these majestic animals (or any animal) ~ the world would be a much better place. I have made a donation to Secrets gift. Please don't worry about any gift. It is simply wonderful that you are helping.

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