Thursday, January 20, 2011

{More About Me}

I have several reasons for writing this post, and allot of them are, for people, and my blog friends can really get to know me.
My thinking is, if you really want to know me, you can read this post, and if you dont, than you can skip over this one :) So..for all who dont now me..Ill start with the basics :)

Im Joanna Noel

I am 22 and live in Oklahoma, Im in the Oklahoma City Area!

I live and work with my family and my Uncles ministry called Sermon On The Mount ( He shares the gospel from horseback! I have really enjoyed serving in there receptionist position!

I love spending time with my family and my friends!
(im also not afraid to be out there and wacky!)

I LOVE to bake and I can mix up a batch of mean cookies :) The kitchen is one of my favorit places to be!
I have a heart for underprivileged youth! They have such hurting hearts and need Jesus so bad! I hate to see them hurting and enjoy working with my youth group at church every chance I get!

I love a good movie and staying inside but also enjoy walks so much! I live with 11 horses, a cat, and a dog so im BIG into animals!

Yes, I may be single to, but you know, I belive that there is one amazing guy out there for me, and the Lord will bring him when its time! For now, I am serving Him with all my heart!

Hope y'all have had a chance to get to know me a little more :) The girl behind the blog!

I am always up for meeting new people and making friends! So feel free to contact me :)


Sara said...

I liked this post! I love reading about people with such different lives as me. I would LOVE to have grown up around 11 horses! I also love to bake so we definitely share that interest!

Thanks for sharing about you!

And God will definitely send you an AWESOME guy when the time is right. I am remembering this for myself. :)


Danielle Taylor said...

Hi I came across your blog from Kellys Korner! I'm also in the OKC metro area and I see that you are also a Steelers Fan!!! And you love horses. You are like my sista from another mista! Ha! Joking aside I really hope your post allows you to meet many new and awesome people. You just found 1 new follower!

Lindsi and John said...

Hi Joanna-

I was looking through the blogs on Kelly's Korner and found yours! I think you and my brother would be a great match!

His name is Kevin and he lives here in OKC. He is working on his college degree and has a steady job.

He has a great heart and is a wonderful person.

If you are intrerested, e-mail me for more information:

Good luck!


the queen said...

Hi I am a new follower! I found you through OceanDreamers! Very Cute blog! I look forward to getting to know you through blogging!

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