Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some new things in my life!

Since I have been so bad at blogging..I relized that I
need to catch my bloggy friends up on some things!
Lets start with: IM A STUDENT AGAIN!
Yep....About a month ago I became a student! Im taking a course that I do from home! And what am I doing you ask? Becoming an Event/Wedding Pla
I am taking my course through the QC School of Event and Wedding Planning!

There are 6 Units lettered A-F and about 7 Assignments per Unit! I read my chapters, watch the lessions on DVD and do all the assigments for the unit, then send them in to be graded and start on the next!

I am just on Unit A right now and am currently getting ready to start my 4th assignment! This one I have been hired by a business to plan a one day retreat for them and I have to find 2 places in my area that would be good for it,come up with 2 group building actives,and evaluate how the event went! Its gonna be fun yet challenging!

In other news..As most you know im adopted and have meant my birth mother and my siblings. My little sister Kelsey txt me Sunday and told me Heather ( my birth mother ) was in the hospital with Appendicitis! She is home now and healing up..but it sure can freak you out!

The chilly air is setting in here in Oklahoma! My sweaters are coming out and my coffie is being flavored with Pumpkin Pie Spice Creamer! Some of my favorites for cold weather!
Whats one of your cold weather favorites!



Miss Angie said...

Very very cool! Best of luck with it all!

Becca said...

I think event planning sounds like so much fun. Keep us posted on everything you are learning.

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