Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sending out an SOS..Please Read!


I am going to do a fundraiser and I am in need of some help! First things first..let me tell you about my fundraiser! ( Just a small bit so I dont give it away too much!)

My Friend Dayna in Washington State rescued "Secret" 2 weeks ago..this is her below!
She was in a small pen maybe 30 by 50 with a quarter pony mix. They where standing in 3 plus feet of mud and manure. The fencing was the wire square stuff they could have very easily gotten hung up in. There was old pieces of metal and trees in the pen. She was wearing a rain sheet that was dripping wet. was very lame on front right and has some proud flesh going on on the back right aswell. Dayna got her to the barn She is boarding her at and took her 3 and a half house to wash all the matted mud and manure from her legs and under side.
She has had her almost 2 and a half weeks and in that time her front right seems to have gotten worse. had the vet out and he took X-rays and she has a tendon infection. she's on a high dose of antibiotics and bute twice a day.
As you can bills are crazy high on larger animals and the care Secret is needing right now just makes it higher!

I am going to call this fundraiser "Secrets Christmas Gift" I want to see how much I can raise to help with her vet bills!

Here is what I need from my bloggy friends!
1. I am not really sure how to do a fundraiser on my blog...any help would be AMAZING! I need to know how to do one, and things like that..cause I really have NO CLUE!
2. I have e-mailed a few of you already but...I need people to donate stuff to this! I have asked a few bloggy friends that are donating stuff from there etsy shops! ANYTHING works!
3. Advertise! Once I get things going I need your help to push this! I want to make it big if I can!

If you have any info for can leave me a comment..or you can email me at cooking4him [@] gmail [dot] com

Ill be emailing a few more of you as well..but if i dont email you...and you would like to donate..please let me know!

Thank you all so much <3


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