Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Coffee!


Its Tuesday! And that means its coffee day!

If we were really having coffee this is what I would be drinking and this is were we would be sitting!

Yes, that is Paris! You coming with me?

Since were having coffee, I'll just spill a little today!

I am in need of a friend to go drink coffee with and talk about life! But since I dont have one for real here, I'll use you my amazing bloggy friends!

Life has been, weird, crazy, I dont now! I have so many mixed emoutions in my head!
I am a MAJOR people person, and I have like no friends around here were I live! I had 2, and the one moved hours away, and the other is moving an hour away! Yes, not far but I cant just go hang out whenever! I want friends around me so bad! Or even friends that live close enought that I could see every once in a great moon!
I feel kinda lonely. Yes, I love my family, and I live with them and all, but friends are diffrent. You know what I mean?
My dream would be to find a bloggy friend in Oklahoma and be able to meet up for coffee and other fun once in a while! Ya, keep dreaming, I know!
My sister had a sono yesterday! She is only 9 weeks but her doc was worried about a few things so they did one! She sent me a pictures! Made me smile! Baby's heartbeat is strong! No problums!
Even thou that made me smile, its still added to the stuff in my head! Somedays I wished I lived closer to her. Sigh, why cant life be fair! :)
Another thing going through my head, well, it does it allot, is being single. Dont get me wrong, Im learning to love it and use it like crazy. But still, all my friends are getting married and yada yada! I know that the perfect guy will come along when its time, its just hard to wait some days!

Sorry for all the rain clouds today. You guys dont need a downer :(

On another note before I go I started another blog, and am trying to post over there more, I just got it updated and all! You can go check it out below!



{Amy} said...

oh yes. Paris please!! I need friends close by to have coffee with too...mine all have little kids at home and no sitters or they work. blahhhh. no fair : ) thanks for coffee!!

sprinkles said...

I know how you feel about your friends not being there.

I have friends in each class but once the hour is up, we part ways and I don't see or talk to them until the next class. I live about an hour from the school and work so by the time I get home and finish homework, there's no time for friends. Weekends, I have cray cray amounts of homework -- catching up on whatever I didn't do over the week.

So yeah, I get where you're coming from totally...

BeckyJo606 said...

I totally understand about having friends nearby--thank goodness for blogging!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am totally up for coffee in Paris! I hear the residents there are really stuck up so it might be fun to rile up some French people with you. After coffee, wanna travel down to the south of France? I've always wanted to explore that region. Maybe visit a few vinyards and some old ruins?

Chell said...

I am in the city.... I don't do coffee... but we are having an open house with girlie stuff on Sunday, you are more than welcome to come hang with us... scentsy, jordan essentials, jewelry, aprons n more! You know... to get started on the whole Chirstmas thing. We will have snacks & door prizes too!

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