Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday, and Confessions!

Happy Friday Y'all!
First things first, Those of you who I have not gotten your gifts out to from my giveaway, they are all going out today and tomorrow morning! Sorry for the wait, had some stuff come up!

Ok, on to other fun things!


I CONFESS...... I have been looking at cute stuff for my niece or newphew coming soon! These below are my favorit!

I CONFESS....I have gotten Starbucks twice this week! Thats allot for me since I live 45min away from a Starbucks!

I CONFESS... I have gone very very very crazy on Pinterest these last few days! You can follow me HERE!

I CONFESS.. I am very excited that my weekend is going to be full! Gives me something to do other then sit around!

I CONFESS...These "make money and blog" sites are driving me crazy! No bites AT ALL YET!

I CONFESS...I really really really want to start doing lots of reviews! Hint hint to those out there with a shop!

I CONFESS..... Meeting a bloggy friend for real would be super cool!

Ok, thats all for this Friday! Go link up what you confess!



Miss Angie said...

Love me some pinterest!

I also love starbucks...Mmmm... Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back. <3

dddiva said...

Your blog is adorable. Stopping by from Mamarazzi's. Have a full and wonderful weekend. I confess- I wouldn't really mind a day or two with nothing to do. (I always say that til I get one then I drive myself crazy. lol)

sarajo said...

Those are too cute! The tutu is super easy to make yourself.

I want to start doing reviews too, but it's hard to get out there. :( Good luck to you!

AndreaLeigh said...

I love pinterest! my list of things I want to make/craft is a mile long!

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