Friday, September 23, 2011

Im Confessing!


I CONFESS.......I am MAJORLY excited about my Pampered Chef booth I have up tomorrow! Wish me luck!

I CONFESS....... I want to go to NYC next year and get Broadway Tickets to see this show with this person!

I CONFESS...I about killed a few horses yesterday! They got out TWICE! And it was cold, wet, rainy AND muddy!

I CONFESS...I get super excited when I see I have comments on my blog! Is that weird?

I CONFESS...... I am STILL listening to The Jonas Brothers Music. And yes, I am a Jo Bro Fan.
(no im not the screaming, 16 year old girl, have to meet them or im gonna die fan!)
Someone out there please tell me 2 things! One, You are a fan of something thats not really in your age group
and two
That after looking at this pictures you cant say there not cute :)



Mamarazzi said...

How to Succeed in one of my all time fave shows, add that guy to it and i would love it even more!!

thanks for linking up!!

Tamika said...

A comment! :) :) I do the same thing when I have comments. I try to comment on every blog at least once in my explorations - just to make someone feel a bit important! :) :) :)

dddiva said...

I love comments too. I don't always feel up to commenting but when I can I do. (I lose blood for reasons they can't figure out but due to insurance & infections etc they wait til I am less than half what I should have to transfuse) but all are welcome and appreciated.

I wouldn't know a Jonas Bro if I bashed into one but I am a total Nickelback fan. :D

sarajo said...

They are not cute.

There, I said it.


I read young adult books that I have no business reading. And ABC Family shows. :D

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