Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding...I'll be the next Princess!

Well dear bloggy friends..I sorta watched the Royal Wedding!
I was up at 3 and got to see Prince William and Prince Harry arrive! I also got to see the Queen! Boy was she stunning in that yellow!
After that my eyes started burning and I had allot to do at work today so I went back to bed!

I woke up in time for this!
I am now searching Youtube and such to see how much of the wedding I can watch!

So for those of you who did not watch it....and for those of you who did and would still like to read this! Here it goes!

I L.O.V.E.D Princess Kate's Dress! It was amazing! I want one!

When I found this shot I about died! Love it!

Once again...the dress was amazing! you will see below...I have a thing for Harry! LOL!

I loved her train..not to long, not to short!

And I LOVED what the Queen wore! I would like one of these too!
Love her bold statement!

Prince William and Prince Harry.....ya..need I say more!

I was teasing with a friend this morning and was saying Kate was a commoner so why not an american get in next! I would be glad to be the American Princess!
HAHA! I know..Take a number! LOL!
But for real..this Prince is still out there!

Who else watched the Royal wedding?? Or maybe like me and am just stalking it now! LOL!


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