Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A request!

There are so many givaways going on right now its crazy! LOL! I have entered in several so maybe ill win one :) hehe

My post tonight is going to be short...ill post more tomorrow....but...I have a request of my bloggy friends.
I am working on a fundraiser right now..and I have an amazing basket pulled together of allot of amazing stuff from some amazing people ( tell you more about them in the next post) but here is were I need your help.....I need people to "buy" to get there name in! I am still working on getting paypal set up and all..but i am going to charge $15.00 to enter...let me tell you about my cause!
Its called Secreats Christmas Gift

A friend of mine from Washington state rescued her a month ago! She was standing in 3 plus feet of mud manure and pee she could hardly move when my friend went and got her! she was severely emaciated and in rough shape. She had a BAD tendon infection to her front right leg. and was not putting any weight on it. (hoping on three legs is hard on a horse).
She was starting to get better and my friend had put allot of money into vet bills and I wanted to help her pay them by doing a fundraiser! Sadly a week ago Secret took a turn for the worse had to be put down.

I would like to still do the fundraiser and donate the money to The Apache Junction Horse Rescue(AZ) in memory of Secret! I dont want to have the same thing happen to other horses as what happend to Secret! Because someone did not want to take care of her she was not able to know love or care till her last 3 weeks of life, I want to help stop that...and The Apache Junction Horse Rescue does that!
The idea for Apache Junction Horse Rescue Corporation was conceived in 2006 by James (Jim) Moyle. Jim had come across many under-fed and neglected horses. Feeling that he could not stand idly by and do nothing, took in those horses for which AJHR could provide. Over time AJHR found many more horses that were no longer wanted. Though AJHR had limited resources, AJHR decided to raise funds and formed Apache Junction Horse Rescue Corporation in 2007, hoping that through donations they could improve the lives of as many horses as possible.

This is what im wanting to raise money for...would any of my bloggy friend be interested in helping me??? Here is how I need help:
1. could use a few more donations for the basket
2. When I get a good post up on the fundraiser I need to get it promoted on others blogs
3. Buying a spot to win!

If you get a chance please also go to Secrets Christmas Gift on facebook!

Once I get some more stuff done ill put a better post up of all this and ill have a button for all who want to help promote it....encourge your friends to like are fan page on facbeook!


Kristin said...

Emailed you tonight. : )

OceanDreams said...

I'd be happy to mention it on my blog, just let me know what you would like me to say and I am definitely going to "like" it and suggest it on FB! xoxo!

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