Thursday, December 9, 2010

{Birthday Recap..and a GIVEAWAY!}

Yes...I have been a very bad blogger but I have a good reason :) We have had a road crew working on are road all last week and this week! There making it wider and that is wonderfull BUT....they keep on ripping up are TDS Line! Thats what we have are phone and Internet with! So ive been using are air card! But thats so slow you can
t even get much of blogger to load! So..Im back blogging now! That is till they rip the line again :)

So anyways.....My 22nd birthday was on
Monday and it was amazing!
I got several books,an amazing bling braclet, a willow tree figure, and some Bath and Body Works! For my birthday dinner my mom made me lasagna and I mad funfeti cupcakes :)

Me with my Cup Cake :)

Ok...and now on to the Giveaway!
Its a Birthday/Christmas/Finally Open Giveaway :)
Hehe...We will just call it Happy About Everything Giveaway :)

I FINALLY opened my shop on Etsy and am so excited about it! So this giveaway is coming from there!
Here is what you can win!

A 5x7 Bottle cap Picture Frame ( Looks like this one, or one with whatever bottle Caps you want...Of the once on
this frame!)

6 of these 4x6 Photo Cards! (Its a real photo on it that I took)
PLUS...I will be throwing in a few goodies!

So Here is how it will work!
- Please leave seprate comments for each thing you do and how many entrys that gives you!

Entrys Include:
-Become or allready are a follower of me = 1 entry
-Add my Etsy store to your favorites HERE = 1 entry
- Tell me what Bottle Caps you would get ( or just what I have on there) = 1 Entry
- Follow Dance and Dream 4 Ever on FACEBOOK = 2 Entrys
- Add my Blog Button to your sidebar = 3 Entrys
-Follow me on twitter @JoannaNoel88 = 1 Entry
And last but not least
-Blog about my Giveaway = 5 entrys


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Just found you through Sierra at Ocean Dreams! I am glad you had a good 22nd Birthday... the cupcake was so cute! Hope they don't cut your internet anymore with the work on the road! :)

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