Friday, August 23, 2013

Stop Trying So Hard!!

You know the feeling...Door is locked, so we wiggle the knob, than we see if we can push it open, than we start to bang on it TILL SOMEONE COMES AND OPENS IT!!!!
We know there is someone or something back there, and we want to get in! They have to come open it if we try long enough right?

And than you read the quote above. And suddenly your arm drops to your side and you just stand there, staring at that door. For me I stood there staring at my blank door for some time. I figured if I would stare at it long enough it may open than!
Some day's I sat by it, tears falling down my cheeks. Some days I went back to banging on it, even yelling at God and telling Him how unfair He was and just how much He was hurting me.
That girl, became focused on that door, and not the life, blessings, and people around her. That door was everything to me, or at least what was behind it at the time. My dreams  where so big, and those dreams where right behind that door and I could not get to them!
Dreams of not being alone all my life, dreams of a boyfriend and husband some day. Dreams of a family, dreams I did not want to let go off, and dreams that I wanted NOW!!

It was not until I finally got sick of living that life, and walked away from that door, that God put another one in front of me, and let me open it!
As I look back on that door I spent so much time and tears over, I realize just how ugly that door really is.
Its chipped, an ugly color, and a plain door handle. Its cracked a bit now and I can see a few things, you know what..what was inside was nice, but I can see now how much better this door is! That door was not bad or horrible or anything...But I would have missed out on so many blessings!
That door was not my door! I was banging on a door that was not even there for me! But yet I was in a hurry to open a door I was going for the best looking one I could, at the time at least.
Yes, I have more door's ahead of me, some closer to me to open than others, but I don't  plan on doing any banging this time! I'll be glad to wait in that hallway and let the Lord open that door!
There all beautiful doors, such nice color and feel! I cannot wait to see the beauty behind them..all in good time heart, all in good time!



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