Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Enjoy The Moment!

I was having a txting conversation with a cousin today, She is getting married in July 2014 and we where talking about her wedding and how she is doing and all.
She made a statment that touched my heart so much!
" It is a good thing to just sit and enjoy this time in your life!"
We where talking about our relatonships and the men God had in our lives, but that small statment hit home in so many ways for me.

I have said many times on this blog, years ago up to just weeks ago, that I have to sit in awe of God allot. And I do that, allot in the last few months. But still, there was something nagging at me about that statement.

And than I relized what it was, I was not enjoying the moment!

I have always been one to live from one big moment to the next. I dont take time to really really enjoy the small things. I need to have my next thing mapped out, planned, and ready.
But I am suddenly learning I need to ENJOY the small things. I need to cherish the times I have right now! I will never have them again. Yes, some of things things that will happen will be just as nice if not better, but I will never go back to those small moments I passed up on my 80 miles an hour speeding by focus!
When I have things planned I have also noticed that it can hurt me at times. Dont get me wrong,I like things planned out, and I think that is a good thing. But I have found sometimes, in my planning, I stop seing the small things again. I miss the things that should just come natural, from the heart.

So this is me, saying I am done missing the small things. I am done not living in the moment. I am done planning every step out. Yes, I will think about the next thing, and I will plan and talk about them, but I will not let them run my life.
This is me saying that I am going to look for the litle things. Cherish the small notes and smiles. Remember every small part of that place, person, or thing. Remeber that all off it will be gone in a "blink of an eye" And that I have no redo button!



Mikaela said...

*deep breath* yes! This is a commitment I need to commit to as well!

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