Monday, June 17, 2013

Wait..I HATE THAT WORD! Anyone else??

So many things to blog about! That's what happens when you have not blogged in FOREVER!
I was reading over my blog, and I think I put at least 6 (if not more) post up about being a better blogger! Look's like I am good at thinking I will do better next time! So how about this! This time, I'll just say that I need to blog for myself. So..Saying that! I will be blogging better, for me, and if people come, than WELCOME!

Let's see know...where to start! Well, I was working and living in MS! I was working at Lighthouse Children's Home! A Baptist Girl's Home!
Well, I am now back in OK with my family!
I am working for a couple from my parents church who own's Great Plains Glass&Mirror! I am there Secretary! I answer phones, order the glass, work estimates, clean the office, file invoices, take payments, and so much more! I LOVE it! I work 8:30 to 5:00 , Monday thru Friday most weeks! This week I am coming in 30min early because the guys are at a job site all week so Im opening the shop!
I am working on getting into the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) in Chickasha (just 15min from home)! I want to be a History Major and get my B.A. in History! I need to go in and take some assessment test and than I should know more!
I have been home for a month now and am FINALLY getting settled in! Half of my stuff did not make it here till just 2 weeks ago! So my room still has very empty wall's! Hoping to get it all done this week! (I'll be sure to post pictures)
It has been so nice to be back home with my family and back near my friends again!

In all of this the big word I have been learning has been wait! I had to wait to move, had to wait on my stuff, had to wait on my job, had to wait on my school, had too, well you get the picture! :) I have always hated the word wait! I would just like a yes or a no, but I always get the dreaded wait! I know, builds character blah blah blah! Yes, I have learned things in the middle of my waiting, but that still does not make it fun!

Weather here in OK has been crazy (as im sure y'all have seen) Moore is about an hr above me. I watched the clouds going that direction. My little sister who is 15, went up with her FFA group and helped do a few things! She really enjoyed helping!

Well, Im gonna be done for today!

If your over from:

Mingle 240

WELCOME! I hope you will stay! Please leave a comment! Also I will follow back! I always love to make new blogger friends!



Julie said...

Girl I hate the word "wait" as well. Glad to hear you're going strong still :)

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