Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goal's In Life!

It's Tuesday Y'all! I had to write this blog post in pink, because I needed to smile! I have plan's for Saturday and I need this week to hurry up! :) 
IHop has this new Jelly Donut Pancakes and friends and my sister and myself are gonna meet up in Norman and get some! I cant wait! :) Where gonna go hang out on the OU campus after and get Starbucks and take picture's and all!

I have been thinking about my goal's in life. You know, not just the I want to get married type of goal, but even more than that. School, road trips, and such.

Sometimes I wonder if I have good goal's! You ever had that feeling like your driving in a direction, and its the right way, but are the stop's along the way the right once? The stops I have made have never hurt me, but some day's I wonder if there just distractions.

I am not down or depressed or anything, yes, it may sounds like it, sorry! :) *Happy Smile* This is just me thinking about it all! Maybe pondering on it too much!

Last year some time I had started a 101 things in 1001 day's list! Well, When I moved to MS I kinda stopped. Know that I am back home, and thinking about goal's and all again, I am looking over my list, gonna finish working on it, and than start again! I think that list will help me feel like I have something! I am single and loving it right now! I want to do some things that I could not do with a husband or family! I dont want to look back and say "man I wish I would have done that!"
I'll let Y'all know when I get that list all done and I'll be updating as I get things checked off my list!

Anyone else have goal's for your life? Anyone in the same boat as me?



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